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Geo Salinas Goalkeeper Academy is hosting Goalkeeper Battle Ohio at the Club Ohio Training Center
This a tournament specifically for Goalkeepers!
January 14, 2024 - Club Ohio Training Center

Goalkeeper Battle is a tournament designed for goal keepers to compete and test their skills against one another. 
The tournament incorporates 1v1 game, 5 min per game. 3 games guaranteed. The most points after the 3 games 

will determine the finalists who will compete to determine the champion of the age division.

Club Ohio Training Center
6923 Rings Rd
Dublin, Ohio


U10 - U12
U13 - U15
U16 - U18 & 20+

Each player will go head to head with the other players in their division in a series of penalty kicks. 

This tournament will be held on January 14th,  from 9:00am - 2:00pm.

Register your player today for this exciting tournament

****If you have trouble registering your child please e-mail your information to Tracey Salinas at: tlsalinas@hotmail OR call 614-260-5897.
Player Name - birthdate - age on 1/28/23
Parent Name - email - phone number



Tournament Rules:
  • The Tournament is open to both male and female contestants U-10 thru U19
  • Awards will be given to top finishers of each event per age group.
  • Two Goalkeepers face off for 3 guaranteed games round robin style.
  • Each game is 5 minutes total.  Two minutes per half and o 1 min. for a break. Goalies will remain on their side of the field.
  • Game will start with a coin toss.
  • Games are played on a 30 yard long by 20 yard wide field divided in half by a midfield line, using full size goals.
  • Each goalkeeper plays in one half of the field defending their goal, while trying to score on the goal of the opposing goalkeeper.
  • 1 point will be awarded for each goal.
  •  Attempts on goal may come from a punt, throw, roll, dropkick, or shot from the ground.
  •  The goalkeeper must distribute within 6 seconds of receiving the ball and has unlimited steps within his or her half of the field of play.
  • A goalkeeper is not allowed in the opposing players half of the field. If they are called for crossing the midfield line, no goal is counted and the ball will be given to the opposing keeper.
  • If a successful save is made, play continues without hesitation or pause.
  • If a rebound occurs that crosses the midfield line, only the goalkeeper whose half of play the ball is in has rights to the ball.
  • In the event of a ball out of bounds, play is resumed from the goalkeeper whose side the ball went out on.
  • A goal is awarded when the entire ball crosses the goal line, then play is restarted by the scored upon goalkeeper.
  • Balls are served in by ball chasers to the player owning rights to the ball. A new ball will only be given in the event of a ball played out of bounds.
  •  In the event of a goal, the ball will be retrieved from the goal and play will resume.
  • In the even of a tie, the tie will be broken with a one minute (1:00) golden goal overtime period.
  • If the score remains tied after the overtime period, penalty kicks will decide the winner until one shooter has an advantage. One penalty kick round will consist of each shooter attempting a goal with a shot placed on the ground 12 yards from goal. Typical penalty kick rules apply. Rounds will continue until there is an advantage at the end of any round.
  • Tournament format will be decided on by the number of players attending.
  • Any issues or protests will need to be made to the tournament director within 30 minutes of the issue or protest.  All decisions made, by the tournament director, are final.

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